Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Do you have very light eyelashes / eyebrows or do you find the effect of using mascara too unnatural? Dyeing your eyelashes / eyebrows may be something for you. Do you prefer full eyebrows? Then you can choose the henna brows treatment because with this method you dye not only the hair, but also the skin. The henna provides tighter and fuller eyebrows.

Difference between henna shades and just dyeing  the eyebrows

A normal eyebrow dyeing is intended to color the hairs. Because the light hairs are colored, the eyebrow looks fuller. Holes cannot be filled. The effect is visible for about 3 weeks.

Price List:

Eyebrow epilation / waxing:  €19,50,-

Eyebrow threading:  €19,50,-

Eyelashe tinting:  €15,-

Eyebrow tinting  €15,-

Henna eyebrow tinting  €35,-

Henna brows treatment incl. epilation €49,50,-