Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy



The lymph drainage device consists of 3 parts, which together provide an amazing result! This treatment where you lie completely relaxed, increases metabolism, improves blood and lymph circulation and prevents the production of fat cells.

The infrared heat reacts directly to the structure of fat and generates heat energy and ensures that the waste products become “more fluid”, making them easier to drain. Infrared therapy also reduces muscle tension, fatigue, stress and excess fatty tissue.

The suction, pressure and air massage first works from the heart, then to the heart and finally evenly over the entire body. This massage technique ensures optimal removal of waste products and fat cells to the lymphatic system.

While you enjoy the pleasant warmth and firm massage, stimulation pads on your “problematic areas” for continuous muscle contractions stimulate the sensory nerves under the epidermis, making the flaccid skin tight, smooth and resilient.

Works very focused on one individual problematic areas , but can also treat each problematic areas simultaneously (waist, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves and arms)


Suitable for:

Slimming, loss of centimeters Reduce cellulitis Strengthening the skin
Detox the body

Remove tension and stress Chronic fatigue
Increasing the resistance Rheumatic pains

During and after a fasting period


Per treatment €70,-
Combination of 6 treatments  €360,-