With microdermabrasion the top layers of the skin are removed in a completely painless way with aluminium oxyde crystals, resulting in a soft and smooth skin.

You will immediately a have smoother and fresher skin, with reduced wrinkle depths. This treatment ensures that the skin will renew and rejuvenate from the inside out. With this natural process of cell regeneration you will have a smooth, soft and radiant healthy skin after a microdermabrasion treatment.

Microdermabrasion is suitable for all ages and skin types (including the dark ones).

The treatment

First, your face will be cleansed properly. The device used in this treatment is similar to a large pen. It contains a controlled stream of crystals in a “closed vacuum system”. The crystals only move when this large pen is placed on the skin and in this way removes the dead skin cells.


After treatment
The skin feels soft and tight after the treatment. You are advised to be careful in the sun and use a sunblock.

The following result can be achieved:

• fade the look of fine wrinkles

• hyperpigmentation fades

• improves skin cell metabolism

• stimulation of the collagen production

• you will have a smoother skin


How does the treatment work?

The microdermabrasion treatment consists of a mechanical peeling of the skin with pure quartz crystals. These are directed against the skin under vacuum pressure and removed by suction, together with the dead skin cells . Due to the effect of the vacuum method, blood circulation is improved and the production of new skin cells is stimulated.

After the first treatment the skin feels like you have made a beach walk in strong winds. The skin can be light red and is sensitive to sunlight. After the treatment, a special cream is applied to support the recovery of the skin and to provide protection against sunlight. This cream should also be applied at home. This situation lasts 1-2 days. After several treatments, the skin will recover faster. Once the skin is regenerated, the treatment can be repeated. The microcrystals are chemically inactive so that no side effects can occur. This treatment is suitable for all skin colors and skin types.


Recommended and advised against

Microdermabrasion is recommended for:

• wrinkles,

• liver and age spots,

• acne,

• scars,

• smoker’s skin,

• enlarged pores,

• skin discoloration.


Microdermabrasion is not recommended for:

• pregnancy,

• very sensitive skins,

• swollen capillaries,

• sunbathing (or intensive sun exposure),

• skin conditions (inflamed eczema, skin rash, skin inflammation (dermatitis), active acne, herpes, etc.).


Face:  €50,-

Face & neck:  €65,-

Face, neck & cleavage:  €80,-


To add to your treatment:

• Fruit acid peel of your choice – (1 zone €35,- ; – 2 zones €45,- ; – 3 zones €55,-)

• Led-light therapy-  €25,-

• Deep cleansing of the skin, removing impurities –  €45,-

• High frequency treatment-  €35,-