After the eyes, the smile is often the first thing you look at! A beautiful smile gives you confidence, you dare to laugh more often, it gives your life a new impulse. If you want to look good for a wedding, job application or a date think
about your teeth! For many cosmetic treatments it’s necessary to drill, this does not apply to teeth whitening. As the original structure and shape of your teeth is preserved, you achieve a very natural result with teeth whitening.

Over the years, your teeth will absorb stain causing-dyes, of course this depends on how much discoloring products such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine etc. you consume. These are called external discoloration factors.

As a result, with aging, the teeth will become darker. In some cases, the teeth have already become discolored due to drug use and / or developmental disorders. These are called intrinsic discolorations. In the past this was sometimes solved by making crowns, nowadays bleaching can offer a great solution.

Basic treatment

Do you want to whiten your teeth in up to 4 shades in 25 minutes? Then the Basic treatment is sufficient. Non-peroxide gel based on sodium bicarbonate and an LED lamp are used to speed up the process.

Intensive treatment

Do you want to go a lot whiter? Then in 50 minutes you can get very nice white teeth (up to 6 shades) with the Intensive treatment, again making use of a bleaching gel without peroxide.

Extra white Hollywood treatment

Does your teeth really have to shine for a wedding or other special occasion? Then the Hollywood treatment is recommended (up to 10 shades whiter). This treatment lasts 75 min.


One-time basic treatment: €50, –

One-time intensive treatment: €70, –

One-time Hollywood extra white treatment:  €90, –