Steel warts (fibroids) are not real warts but small benign connective tissue swellings. They are usually flesh-colored but can also be brownish.

The steel warts are removed by means of electrocoagulation. The removal is almost painless. What remains is a small crust that disappears after a few days.

Despite the name, steel warts do not belong to the wart family. They are not caused by a virus – like real warts – but arise spontaneously. The medical name for steel warts is fibroma. Other names are skin tags (skin attachments) or acrochordon.

Steel warts are benign connective tissue tumors that have a preference for the face (the eyelids), the neck, the armpits and bumps on your skin, sometimes literally on a stalk. Usually they are the same color as your skin or light brown. They are common, with both men and women, occasionally even with dozens at a time. How fibromas originate is still unclear. For the time being, there is nothing you can do to prevent them. What can possibly play a role is:

Genetic predisposition
Age – they only occur in adults


Hormones – many women get them after the menopause
Abrasion against clothing
Contact with jewelry
Although steel warts are not a health hazard, many people still allow them to
be removed. Especially when they are in clearly visible places or when there
are more than one another, fibromas can be very
they can irritate, especially in the groin and in the armpits.

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