Copaeyelashes Lift


Our Copaeyelashes lift is an advanced technique, developed to stimulate and lift the eyelashes without having to resort to artificial eyelashes.

In other words, it is a powerful alternative to artificial eyelashes designed to accentuate your natural beauty. For the coloring of the eyelashes a wide range of shades are available that perfectly match your complexion.

Eyelash lifting is a treatment of your own lashes, without applying false eyelashes. The lashes are lifted in a special way. In this way, every eyelash hair can be treated. This makes mascara and an eyelash curler unnecessary. Eyelash lifting is the latest technique in beauty industry and can be applied to all eyelashes, on both short and long lashes. With this technique, eyelashes are extended, giving you a wider and more eye-catching look.

• Remains 8 to 12 weeks
• You no longer need an eyelash curler
• Feels light and natural
• Your eyes seem larger
• The eyelash lift is not harmful to your own lashes
• Resistant to water, showering, sweating, tearing, swimming and sleeping

Price list:

Copaeyelashes treatment  incl. tinting €60,-