Non-surgical Butt Lift Treatments

““ the latest non-surgical breakthrough in ‘butt contouring’”.”.

Now, especially from Brazil, one of the most popular treatments in South America; the spectacular non-surgical butt lift. With this treatment you can have the buttocks of your dreams.


How does the treatment work?

Two domes are placed on your buttocks and air is sucked away under the

domes by means of a tube. By putting the buttocks under pressure (vacuum),

they swell and become larger. Any cellulite will also reduce through cupping therapy.

An additional effect of this vacuum (cupping) system is that it lifts the butt gradually and pumps it up, the fat cells will expand with as a result: a beautiful, bigger and firmer buttocks.


* to achieve optimal results we advise 14-16 treatments.

We have different kinds of Buttlift

Brazilian Butt Lift only (Lift only)

Basic € 65 (40min)

Deluxe € 90, – possible to treat 2 zones (60min)

Super deluxe € 130, – possible to treat 3 zones (90min)

Formidable deluxe € 160, – possible to treat 4 zones (120min)


Brazilian Butt Lift & Shapping (Lifted and tight buttocks)

*Lipocavitation is added to this treatment

Basic € 115, –

Deluxe € 135, – possible to treat 2 zones

Super deluxe € 175, – possible to treat 3 zones

Formidable deluxe € 205, – possible to treat 4 zones

Brazilian Butt Lift, Shapping & Enhancement (with this treatment we help your buttocks to get a natural lift with a nice round look. Your buttocks will be tighter but also bigger, celullitis will be extra  treated )

* This treatment is done once every 3 weeks
**Freezing & Lipocavitation is added to this treatment

Basic € 205, –

Deluxe € 225, possible to treat 2 zones

Super deluxe € 265, – possible to treat 3 zones

Formidable deluxe € 295, – possible to treat 4 zones


HIFU Butt lift Treatment ( 1 treatment only) : €500,-

The HIFU butt lift  has several positive effects which include reducing loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite from the the thigh and saddlebag areas whilst simultaneously lifting and shaping the buttocks to help provide a shapely silhouette.

HIFU Butt lift & Freezing ( 1 treatment only ): €580,-

This treatment uses a combination of fat freezing and HIFU technologies to travel painlessly through the body’s layer of subcutaneous fat, in turn lifting and firming the thighs and buttocks. This combination of technologies melts the fat pockets that cause the skin to be dimpled and lumpy, re-positioning some of the malleable fat to create a more appealing buttock contour. The broken down fat is then naturally expelled by the body.

EMSCULPT Butt lift ( 4 sessions ) : €1000,-


Emsculpt  induces muscular contractions, which can help increase the strength and tone of the gluteal region. This alone can help even the most athletic and fit patients take their booty workouts to the next level. Emsculpt can also help both women and men tone muscle. On top of being non-invasive, the procedure also requires no recovery time as well as no pre/post treatment preparation. Imagine being able to do 20,000 squats in one 30-minute session.


*Packages are from 10 times, buying a whole package get a 10% discount on the total price.