TCA Peeling

Improvement of the skin


Trichloroacetic acid is a stronger peel than the regular fruit acid peelings, so fewer treatments are needed and the result is significantly better. It ensures a rapid renewal of the epidermis.


For whom or for what is a peeling suitable for? 

The TCA Peeling is suitable for men and women who want skin improvement in the face, neck, chest skin and hands.

The treatment

TCA peeling treatment is performed in the salon for about 45 minutes.
Right after the TCA peeling treatment the skin feels tight but relaxed.
The skin then begins to moult within a few days.

On average, after a week the complete peeling process is completed and you have a new, fresh ‘baby’ skin.

What can you treat with the TCA peeling

Treatment of pigment spots

Treatment of wrinkles (including for example the crow’s feet)

Treatment of acne

Treatment of scars

Treatment of open pores


Rejuvenating the aged skin

Lighten and whiten the skin

To remove freckles

Pregnancy masks

Age spots


After 1 TCA peeling treatment your skin will be smoother and tighter and fine lines are completely gone. The TCA peeling treatment can be repeated with an interval of one month. It is advisable to undergo a TCA peeling treatment every six months or year, which ensures a long-term result.

The treatment step by step with us:

Cleansing the face

Run an allergic test

Apply serum and gel

Ultrasonic therapy

Apply TCA peeling and allow absorption

Apply sunblock


TCA peeling face  €100,-

TCA peeling face, chest skin and neck   €170,-

TCA peeling hands  €80,-